Going Paperless: Why Paper Docs Sucks

In this post we will give you 5 bullet proof reasons why you'll benefit from going paperless.

1. Less Time, More Value

First off all, going paperless saves time. Instead of searching through papers manually, your document retrieval process becomes as easy as clicking a mouse, so you won't have to dig through folders to find the document anymore. This eliminates a lot of wasted man-hours and allows you to manage your tasks more efficiently.

2. Instant Access

When documents are stored digitally in the cloud, you instantly become more flexible. Consider the following example:

Let's say you're at the meeting with an important customer far from you office. You're discussing a project and need to refer to a specific file that's back at the office. Regularly you'd call the office and ask your secretary to send you the file, but it's late evening and the office is empty now. Quite inconvenient...

So, if your office was paperless, all you'd have to do is log into your cloud account, search for the file, and show it to the client.

Being paperless can save a lot of your time and make you much more flexible.

3. Saved Space

One sheet of paper may not take up a ton of space, but tens of thousands of pages certainly do. By going paperless, you can free up your closets and boardrooms.

Digital files, on the other hand, take no physical space on your premises at all. They're stored remotely and accessible from anywhere, which means you no longer have to waste overhead on physical file storage.

4. Stronger Security

An e-based storage system keeps all your files in one secure location. It is safer than keeping sensitive files in an office. Digital documents are encrypted and protected by numerous layers of security.

What's more,digital files are not at the risk of being lost or stolen, which are occasional occurrences for small businesses.

5. Eco-Friendly

The eco-friendly benefits of going paperless may not be as apparent as the savings related to cost and space, but they are definitely worthwhile. Go green by reducing the demand for paper and natural resources.

Want to go paperless now? Check out Paperless Workflow for a Small/Home Office.

Ilya P

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