Mastering Ambar Search Queries

Ok, you signed up for Ambar and uploaded some files, or even connected your Dropbox account. What's next? Ambar is a very powerful searching tool, so let us help you to master it. This post describes the search queries you can use with Ambar.

Basic queries

Let's start from basic queries and then go deeper:

  • * - asterisk query, returns all files you have inside your Ambar
  • recipe - search for specified text inside all files contents, names, authors and sources (stemming aware), finds all files containing 'recipe' word or its derivatives
  • "cake recipe" - phrase search, finds phrase 'cake recipe' inside files contents, names, authors and sources
  • recipe filename:*/Johns-Recipes/* - search for documents inside the specified folder, searches for 'recipe' limited by 'John-Recipes' folder
  • recipe filename:*.jpg - search for documents by the specified filename, searches for 'recipe' only in 'jpg' images
  • when:yesterday - search for documents from yesterday
  • author:Mike - search for documents matching the given author
  • size>1M - search for files larger than 1 Mb
  • source:Dropbox - search for documents from the specified source, searches for files from your Dropbox

Now you know the basic Ambar search queries. Let's go deeper and explore more details.

Text Search

Text search query is your best friend. It's the one most frequently used query in Ambar. It's stemming aware, for example if you search for Cake it will find 'Cakes' as well. If a query contains of several words it will find all the documents having all the specified words inside theirs contents, names, authors or sources.

Text search query also supports fuzzy searching. Imagine you know a recipe name, but don't know how to spell it right. Lasagna for example. You can query Lasana~2 and Ambar will search for 'Lasana' with up to 2 mistakes in it.

fuzzy search

Phrase Search

Phrase search is designed to find words located close to each other. For example, you want to find 'Best Lasagna Recipe'. With Text search query Best Lasagna Recipe you find all documents with these three words, not necessary close to each other. It may be Lasagna Recipe with best types of cheese, which isn't what you're searching for. Phrase search solves this problem. With query "Best Lasagna Recipe" you'll find exactly the phrase you typed, also stemming aware. Furthermore, you can control the distance between the words in the phrase with ~ operator. "Best Lasagna Recipe"~2 query will fins 'Best Johns Lasagna Recipe' and 'Best Lasagna By John Recipe'.

phrase search

Search by File Name

Filename query is useful if you want to limit you search by folder, file name or by some file type. Filename query is a wildcard query. For example, to find all files in some folder use filename:*/Recipes/*, to find all 'jpeg' images use filename:*.jpg. Finally, to find all images inside your 'Recipes' folder use filename:*/Recipes/*.jpg

filename search

Time Interval Search

Sometimes it's useful to get results by a time period. For example, documents that were added this week. No problem, Ambar can handle it: when:thisweek. When keyword supports next time intervals: today, yesterday, thisweek, thismonth, thisyear.

Search by Author, Source and Size

Imagine you want to get recipes only by your favorite author. Author's name isn't defined anywhere in files paths or files contents. Author keyword will rescue you. It searches for specified author name in documents author meta field. Use: author:John to search for all documents that were created by John.

Also you can refine your search query with desired file size size>1M (M for MBytes, K for KBytes). Size query supports < and > operators. Also you can search in specified size interval like size>1M size<2M.

To filter by sources use source:Dropbox query.

Complex Search

You can combine any queries of any kind and still get the results instantly!

If you want to find all cakes recipes larger than 1 Mb, just type in "cake recipe" size>1M. Let's make it even more complex - filter our search results with only yesterday recipes and recipes in '.doc' files. The query is "cake recipe" size>100K when:yesterday filename:*.jpg. Keywords order is not relevant.

complex search

Happy searching!

Ilya P

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