How to Search Through Your Dropbox Files Content

Dropbox is quite a great service! It's secure, reliable, provides a great versioning and very easy to use. But when it comes to searching through your dropboxed files, it's, in fact, not the best. Native Dropbox files content search doesn't do OCR, it's limited to a few file types (.doc, .xls, .ppt, .rtf, .pdf and .txt) and available only for Business users.

That's why we added Dropbox integration into Ambar. Ambar imports and synchronizes selected Dropbox folders and provides you with a proper content search, including OCR, language morphology and other cool stuff.

Please note that Ambar doesn't modify or remove any of your Dropbox files, neither it doesn't send your data to any third parties.

Sign Up and Connect Your Dropbox Account

First of all, if you've never used Ambar before, sign up here. It's quite easy. Now let's connect your Dropbox to Ambar, go to your Account page.

Account without Dropbox

Click the red Connect button in the Dropbox card. You'll be redirected to a special Dropbox page. You may need to login to Dropbox if you've not done it yet. Once you're logged into Dropbox, you'll be presented with a screen to authorize Ambar to access your Dropbox files.

Dropbox authorization

Once you click the Allow button you'll be redirected back to the folder selection menu where you can select folders or subfolders for Ambar to crawl in your Dropbox.

Select folders

After that's done just click the Connect button and you'll be redirected to your Account page. Now you can see you Dropbox integration info: crawling state, last activity time (last time your docs were synchronized with Ambar), update interval and selected folders.


Give Ambar some time to process your docs, you can track in on the Statistics page.

Enjoy the Search!

Now you can enjoy Ambar's awesome search through your Dropbox content!
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