Going Paperless: Cloud Archive for All Your Documents

In my opinion, paper docs sucks! At first, you just can't effectively search through them. It takes hours to find the right document. Also paper takes up much physical space and you can't effectively back up paper docs without producing more paper. Or you can accidentally recycle a document you actually need, or just loose it...

So, paper isn't quite useful. But even digital documents have problems. Have you ever had a problem finding some document? I bet you have. Docs can be on a hard drive, on a flash drive, sometimes in the email inbox or anywhere.

I started my journey of finding the right tool several years ago. I tried Dropbox, Paperless, Mayan even LucidWorks Fusion. But nothing was good enough. Why? I will answer this question in next posts.

So I created an app to make my life easier - Ambar. Ambar is a smart document archive that helps you to organize one true searchable storage for all your documents.

How Does It Work?

At first, it collects all your documents from different places. It has several types of crawlers to do this job. For example, you have all you docs in Dropbox folder: no problem just point Ambar at the folder and it'll crawl all the docs automatically. Or maybe your docs are stored in some secured windows share, that's no problem too. You just point Ambar to your documents and the magic starts to happens.

Ambar smartly extracts the content from all the filetypes, deduplicates and securely stores it. For images it does OCR. Furthermore, Ambar indexes all the extracted content and provides you with the ability to search through all this data. There's no problem finding your taxes by your ID, or finding all the docs that contain your neighbor's email.

How Can I Get It?

I've been using Ambar at home and work for a few months now and it's quit stable. To start using it you can signup for the cloud version, or host your own Ambar.
It's absolutely free for home use. Here you can get the latest version

Igor S

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