Ambar Installation: Step-by-step guide

This post is a step by step guide on how to install self-hosted Ambar CE.


So, let's start!

First, navigate to a folder where you want Ambar to store it's settings,
download installation script and make it executable:
wget -O && chmod +x ./

To install Ambar run as root with install parameter:
sudo ./ install

Ambar installation process

This will download Ambar config and ~1GB of Docker images. If you're having any trouble downloading or installing Ambar, please create an issue on our github.

Optional: after install completes, you can edit config.json to fine-tune your Ambar instance. Description of config.json fields is here.

Now, start your Ambar instance:
sudo ./ start

It'll take about a minute, when it ends you'll see a line with the Ambar interface URL.

Ambar started

So, now Ambar is at your disposal! Go to signup page to create your account and start using Ambar.

Upload files manually or setup an SMB crawler.

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